Are your Kid’s Umbrella Singing or Puddle Jumping?

Happy Rain PhotoWhen you were a child, did you sing “Rain, Rain, Go Away.  Come again another day!”?  I did!  Kids will be chanting a different tune with a new Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrella! Get them excited about rainy days!  A fun new umbrella will encourage them to play outdoors, even on a rainy day! Everyone gets tired of being trapped indoors and this past winter seemed to last forever!.  You are probably as anxious for them to go out and play as they are to get outside.  So don’t let it rain on your parade, order a new umbrella today at!

Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrellas are the perfect size for young children!  Each umbrella measures 27″ in diameter when it is opened and 22″ in length.  They are made out of 100% Polyester.  These umbrellas are made to open and close easily without pinching little fingers.  Check out these fun designs:

Kids Shark Umbrella

Kids Shark Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Pink Frog Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Pink Frog Umbrella

This style of Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrella is available in several other great designs! Is your daughter into horses?  If she is, she will love the Girl Horse Umbrella!  Does your little guy pretend to be a pirate? Most little boys do!  He will love showing off his new Pirate Umbrella!  Owls are so popular right now.  Any little girl would love carrying the Teal Owl Umbrella!  We are all happy to see Spring arrive!  Butterflies are part of enjoying the warmer weather.  Check out the adorable Butterfly Umbrella!  We love how our Firemen protect us.  Most little boys say they want to be a Fireman when they grow up.  Boys will love the Firetruck Umbrella!  Most little girls don’t like bugs!  Ladybugs are different!  They love to hold them in their hand and watch them crawl up their arm and fly away.  Girls will love the Ladybug Umbrella!  What about Monkeys? The Monkeys on this umbrella are adorable!  Everyone will love this Monkey Umbrella!  My personal favorite is the Flower Umbrella!  I love it’s bright colors and happy look!  It is perfect for Spring!  Last, but not least is the Dinosaur Umbrella!  Boys love to learn about dinosaurs!  They will love telling you what kind of dinosaurs are on this umbrella!

Stephen Joseph has a new 3-D Design Umbrella!  It is available in these  4 great designs:  Teal Owl, Butterfly, Zoo, and Pirate.  How adorable is this?

Kids Teal Owl 3-D Umbrella

Kids Teal Owl 3-D Umbrella

There are many fun uses for a great kids umbrella!  Here are just a few:

1) Keeping hair dry while puddle jumping

2) Not letting the Sun kiss your face

3) Looking cool when taking a walk

4) Being adorable at the beach.

Maybe one of the best reasons for getting your child their own umbrella is so that you don’t have to share yours!  Sharing an umbrella usually means that you both get wet!

Do you have a Niece or Nephew with a birthday soon?  Does your child have a birthday party to attend?  Give something unique! Your gift is sure to be a hit, when you give one of these great Stephen Joseph Kids Umbrellas!  Every child at the party will want one!

Whether Singing in the Rain or Puddle Jumping, enjoy getting out with your kids!  When you get tired of playing outside in the rain, check out these fun ideas: 26 Rainy Day Activities for Kids  There are some great ideas here! One of my favorite is making your own mud boots out of duct tape! With so many awesome rainy day ideas, you will anxiously be awaiting the next rainy day!

Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday

Can Unique Children’s Luggage make traveling easier?

Stephen Joseph Kids Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Kids Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Owl Rolling Luggage

Stephen Joseph Owl Rolling Luggage

Can Unique Children’s Luggage make traveling easier? You bet!

Traveling with children is rarely easy! When our boys were younger, we drove everywhere we went.  Airfare for 6 is never cheap! Great memories can be made on road trips!  We always loved getting our boys in the car and driving half way across the country.  Some people thought we were crazy, but we enjoyed it!  We played games, sang songs, and told great stories.  It was fun family time. It might have been fun to fly with all of them, but some of our greatest memories come from those road trips!

Since our boys are now grown, We have flown more in the last two years than in all of our previous years combined. We have been flying in and out of the same airports, so getting around inside of them has became much easier than it was when we first started flying.  There are ways to reduce your time in line at the airport, but even with those things, we still have to spend plenty of time standing in line.  As I am standing there waiting our turn in line, I see many families traveling with their small children.   Airports are challenging enough on their own! Dragging children through an airport can be a real challenge! Waiting in line can be an even bigger challenge!  One thing that I have noticed in my travel, is how much easier it is on the parents when the children are managing their own luggage.  If the luggage is appropriate in size, even small children can pull their own.  This takes extra stress off of the parents in an already stressful situation.

If you are taking a car trip with your kids, it can also be a big help if they can manage their own luggage.  Unloading and Loading again at the Hotel is much easier if everyone is responsible for their own bags. Young children like to think they are helping.  With luggage they can manage, they truly will be able to help!  We love the Stephen Joseph rolling luggage.  Check out some of the reasons why!

7 Things that make Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage perfect for young children:

1) Extendable Handle

2) Rolling Wheels

3) Front legs for standing

4) Carrying Handle

5) Measures 14 1/2″ x 18″ x 6″

6) Two side zipper pockets with outside mesh pockets

7) Large front zipper pocket with outside mesh pocket

This luggage is easy to pack!  The front unzips and opens flat for easy packing.  The side and front zipper pockets are great for packing items that you want to keep separated from their clothing.  Outside mesh pockets are perfect for keeping snacks and a water bottle or anything you want easy access to.  The luggage is available in 8 designs.  One is sure to be perfect for your little one!

8 Great Designs

1) Airplane – Your little pilot will love traveling with this Airplane Rolling Luggage!  The two toned blue stripes provide the perfect background for the airplane that is taking flight on the front of this bag.  Red front and side pockets trimmed in blue piping add the final touch on this great luggage.

2) Flower – Flowers always make a girl smile!  This bright green and hot pink luggage boasting beautiful whimsical flowers will do the same!  The hot pink pocket and the bright orange & pink flowers look amazing on the bright green front of this luggage.  Orange pockets are the perfect compliment to the two toned bright pink striped sides of this bag.  Everyone will smile when they see this luggage!

3) Girl Horse – Every little girl wants a pony!  She will love the adorable horse on the front of this bright blue and pink luggage.  A horseshoe is the perfect compliment to the bright & light pink striped front pocket.  The bright pink stars are shining on the blue body of this bag! Gidee Up Horsie will have a whole new meaning as she is pulling this luggage behind her.

4) Dino – Cute designs for little boys can be hard to find.  Stephen Joseph makes that much easier!  They have done it again with this dynamic dinosaur luggage.  The bright red, blue, and green colors on this luggage catch everyone’s eyes.  The three dinosaurs on the front of this luggage are sure to make any little boy happy!

5) Butterfly – The front of this bag has 3 beautiful butterflies soaring on hot pink swirls complimented by a bright green pocket with 3 flowers & hot pink piping.  There are also butterflies on each of the two hot pink side pockets.  Those pockets look great on the bright green polka dot body of this luggage! Watch as the butterflies take flight!

6) Owl – This owl luggage is a Hoot!  From the bright pink striped body to the bright blue flowered front, this bag is just too cute!  With bright blue side pockets and a bright pink front pocket, this bag is a winner!  We love the big eyed hot pink owl! The huge orange circles around her bright blue eyes make her seem like she is watching you!

7) Sports – Does your little guy love soccer?  Is he playing baseball with his friends?  Does he love to watch football with his dad?  Do you let him play basketball in the house?  As a mother of 4 boys, my answer to all of these would have been “YES”!  If your little guy loves sports, this is a great bag for him!  The bright blue & red colors are perfect for any boy.  A basketball, soccer ball, football, baseball, and bat are all featured on the front, making this the perfect luggage for any little guy!

8) Ladybug –  Little girls and ladybugs, what a perfect combination!  This adorable red luggage boast pink & purple accents.  The cute big ladybug sits on a big white flower above the pink striped front pocket.  She will love this awesome bag!.

Whether flying, taking a road trip, or spending the night with grandparents, this luggage is unique and perfect! It is adorable as is, but  there is one way you can make it even more special! Have it personalized!

As you check out the luggage at, you will have Personalization options. There are great thread color choices and fantastic fonts suggested for each bag.   These bags are adorable with their names personalized on them!

If you are looking for extra travel accessories, check out the matching water bottles and quilted backpacks.  Both of these items compliment the luggage perfectly!

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we at wish Happy Travel to you!

Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday

Stop and check out these 4 New Stephen Joseph Backpacks!


and check out these 4 new Stephen Joseph Backpacks!

Will your child be one of the first to show off the new designs?

New Stephen Joseph Backpacks

Check out the New Designs!

Since 1981 Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts. Stephen Joseph’s Design Team always amazes us with the adorable new designs they create for their products. Their artists are creative and amazing!   This season is no different!  They have came up with more adorable new designs.   Check these out!  Which is your favorite?


1 New! Stephen Joseph Space Quilted Toddler Backpack – Does your child love to look at the stars?  Do they dream of going to outer space some day?  Do they want to be an astronaut when they grow up?  If so, they will love the new Space Quilted Backpack! This backpack features a spaceship soaring through the stars and over planets.  The flap shows off the planet Saturn!  What a great way to start learning about Space!

2 New! Stephen Joseph Girl Zoo Quilted Toddler Backpack Most little children love the zoo!  Is your little girl one of them?  If she is, she will love carrying this backpack!  It was designed with her in mind!  The body of the bag is made from adorable bright pink quilted material.  The Zebra and the Giraffe that are appliqued on the body of the bag are peaking from behind green leaves and beautiful flowers.  They just make you smile!  Does she like monkeys?  Wait till she sees how cute the monkey on the flap is!  She will love everything about this backpack!

3 New! Bird Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpack – It may be Winter now, but Spring is coming! Get her excited about Spring with this new backpack!  From the sun on the flap to the birds singing in the tree, this backpack warms our hearts!  She will love this Nature backpack!  

4 New! Boy Farm Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpack – Old MacDonald had a farm E I E I O and on his farm he had a cow E I E i O! Yep, this backpack has a cow!  It also has a tractor! Mr Rooster thinks he has conquered the farm by sitting on top of the tractor! The horse on the flap makes this backpack complete! Your little guy will be singing about his new Farm backpack!  

We love all of the Stephen Joseph designs here at The Crazy Dazy.  Their products are perfect for kids!  The Quilted Toddler Backpacks are perfect for small children.  

6 Things to know about Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks:

1-Each backpack measures approximately 12″ x 13.5″.  A great size for small children to handle and yet large enough to make a great diaper bag!

2-The backpacks are fully lined.

3- Color coordinated drawstrings make cinching the backpack easy!

4– The magnetic snap closure on each backpack helps kids to be able to close the bag all on their own.

5-Each backpack is machine washableGreat thing for parents! They should be washed in cold water and hung to dry. A backpack that is easy to care for is as much a gift for the parents as it is for the child. 

6-There are fun coordinating zipper pulls on each backpack!  Check out the Barn Zipper Pull that comes on the Farm Backpack

Stephen Joseph Farm Quilted Backpack Zipper Pull

Farm Backpack Zipper Pull


At The Crazy Dazy, we love to Personalize the bags.  Here are just a few reasons to have their backpacks Personalized:

1 There will be no denying that the bag belongs to your child

2 It will help your child learn to spell and read their name

3 Personalized Backpacks help Nursery Workers know which bag belongs to your child

You can have anything that fits personalized on their backpacks.  Our most common personalization types are: Name, Traditional Monogram (first, last, middle), and Standard Monogram (first, middle, & last).  We offer a large variety of Fonts to choose from.  Some are great for boys and some are great for girls.  Many are great for either.

Choose your favorite new design today!

If you want your child to be one of the first to get their Stephen Joseph New Design Backpacks, you can order today at  Our current Personalization time is 2-4 business days not including shipping time.

The Crazy Dazy is celebrating our 10th Birthday!  Come check us out and maybe you will be one of our lucky customers who receive a present! Happy Birthday to The Crazy Dazy and Good Luck to You!

The Crazy Dazy celebrates 10 years!

Happy 10th Birthday

While you are checking out our website, be sure to let us know which New Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack design is your favorite!

Give great Personalized Gifts this Christmas!

Personalized Stephen Joseph

Personalized Stephen Joseph

Are you looking for the “perfect” gift?  Do you want to give a gift that says “I picked this out especially for you”?  If you are looking for that “special” gift, look no further!  You can make the gifts you give fit all of the above, by ordering gifts from us and having them Personalized!  Order now to ensure delivery by Christmas.  Current Personalization time is 4-6 Business Days (not including shipping time).

You might choose anything from All Personalized Stephen Joseph for the kids on your list.  There are many styles of  backpacks and lunch boxes along with other items great for being Personalized.  For those Tweens – Adults on your list, check out our

Quilted Day Traveler

Quilted Day Traveler

Buckhead Betties line, Travel Bags by Sandra, and our Mint Backpacks.  Your are sure to find something for everyone on your list that you can have Personalized.  Remember to order early!  Have fun and enjoy your Christmas Shopping experience here at

Travel Camo Bag

Travel Camo Bag

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Hurry, it’s not too late to take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale!   Use discount code: TICKTOCK for 10% off of your total purchase at  You will find great gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.  Have your gifts Personalized!  *Current Personalization Time | 4-6 Business Days (not including shipping time).  Order now to make sure the gifts arrive in plenty of time for your Christmas celebrations.

Ready, Set, Bake (Aprons)

Ready, Set, Bake!

Ready, Set, Bake!

Leaves are falling and the Holidays are upon us.  As the temperatures cool, baking is a great way to warm the air!  Kids love to help cook!  They will really feel special with their own perfect sized Personalized Apron!  I love the smiles I see when the kids help me bake!  Spend some special time with your little one in the kitchen.  Order their apron now to make sure they have it for all of the special baking events this Holiday season.  We also have beautiful aprons for moms too!  Order yours at

How to give Great Gifts!

The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy

Have You Started Christmas Shopping?
Are you one of those people that have everything done by the end of October?  Or are you like me, and hope that you are but never seem to get it done?Here are some great gift ideas to help you give great gifts and be done with shopping early!  We can all check Christmas Shopping off our lists!We have ordered these wonderful Stephen Joseph Classic Wooden Toys extra early just for you! We have them in stock so go ahead and get them early!
Free Shipping - limited time

Free Shipping – limited time

Tips to shop early...
I have a really hard time shopping early…  Here’s a few things that I have found helpful.We all love the day when we are finished shopping! Here are some steps to How to Start Your Christmas Shopping Early.  Click to Read More..Finish Shopping

What’s better than Free?  Here’s a Free Christmas List Printable!

I’m all about gathering up all the free printables I can find!  If they are cute that’s an extra bonus!  I found this super sweet one at Going Home to Roost.  Click for the Christmas Gift List Free Printable!Christmas Gift List

The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy

Just wanted to let you know that The Crazy Dazy has live people, yes LIVE people at the store and you can actually call and talk to them! All kidding aside, we have the best customer service out there! I know that is something you hear all the time, but when you need help or trying to decide what to purchase, it is something that is very important to you. So when you call us here at The Crazy Dazy, you will receive the best customer service by talking to a real person who is excellent at what she does! Give us a try.
We just wanted to let you know that one reason (besides our super cute personalized backpacks and personalized dance bags) to shop at The Crazy Dazy is that you will talk to a super nice gal on the phone when you call! Just thought we should let you know that we are “Here to Help” to GIVE GREAT GIFTS!
Need Help?  We are just a call away!
The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy

Free Shipping! (Limited time only)

Free Shipping - limited time

Free Shipping – limited time

We think that sounds A-MAZ-ING!  So go ahead and fill up your cart and grab our limited time Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more!  That’s a steal!  You could cross Christmas shopping off your list!  Yippee!  Pass along to any friends that you love. Remember, it’s a limited time deal…

Personalized Bags

Personalized Bags

Get out your Christmas list and start shopping!  This is a great time to make shopping easy on yourself and fun for others!  Wouldn’t it be nice to take the STRESS out of Christmas shopping!  We want to help!  Relax on the sofa and enjoy shopping with us!  By shopping now, you won’t have to worry how much shipping will be, because it is FREE!  Shop at and treat yourself to one stop stress-free shopping.  Give unique personalized gifts to everyone!

Fall into Fun! Picnics, Cook-outs, & More

Fall into Fun

Fall into Fun!

The weather is certainly changing!  It has been a hot summer and the cooler temperatures are welcomed by most.  Windows are opened, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available, and Hoodies are being worn.  Fall weather can be so much fun!  It is time for throwing the Football and watching the Play-Offs, having Picnics and Cooking Out,  building Campfires and planning Wiener Roast.  Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors.  With our Picnic Plus products, your food can arrive in style!  From Casserole and Cake Carriers to Utensil Caddys and Food Tents, Picnic Plus has the items you are looking for.  Check out this stylish line  today at

For Girl’s Only! These bags are famous!

These Bags are Famous

These Bags are Famous

Check out these sweet bags that are now FAMOUS! As seen on CBS Better Morning’s Atlanta with Jennifer Valdez. You will love our Picnic Plus Lunch Totes for mom’s and teens. Plus, every gal will love to see her name stitched right onto the bag. The Stephen Joseph Signature Owl Backpack & Bee Sidekick Backpack are some of our favorite backpacks for kids!

Personalized Kids Backpacks & Baby Gifts from The Crazy Dazy!

Visit and make it your one-stop-shop for adorable personalized kids accessories! The Crazy Dazy believes in providing a personal touch in everything we do. “We Are Personal” is our motto and we live that philosophy each and every day. From our Stephen Joseph kids back packs to our personalized dance bags, each product is selected with attention to quality, functionality and individuality of style. With a huge variety of personalized diaper bags, baby gifts and bags for kids, including the best selection of personalized Stephen Joseph backpacks, we’re certain you’ll leave The Crazy Dazy delighted with your purchase and shopping experience!

Personalized Bags for Kids at The Crazy Dazy

The Crazy Dazy is your source for personalization! Whatever you’re looking for, we have what you need at prices you can afford. Buy something for all the important children in your life and save with free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Check out our selection of Stephen Joseph back packs for fun, personalized bags for kids with a low price guarantee to help you save! Need a more specific item? Try our diaper bags or customized dance bags and see what suits you.

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Free Shipping on orders over $100


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