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Stop and check out these 4 New Stephen Joseph Backpacks!


and check out these 4 new Stephen Joseph Backpacks!

Will your child be one of the first to show off the new designs?

New Stephen Joseph Backpacks

Check out the New Designs!

Since 1981 Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts. Stephen Joseph’s Design Team always amazes us with the adorable new designs they create for their products. Their artists are creative and amazing!   This season is no different!  They have came up with more adorable new designs.   Check these out!  Which is your favorite?


1 New! Stephen Joseph Space Quilted Toddler Backpack – Does your child love to look at the stars?  Do they dream of going to outer space some day?  Do they want to be an astronaut when they grow up?  If so, they will love the new Space Quilted Backpack! This backpack features a spaceship soaring through the stars and over planets.  The flap shows off the planet Saturn!  What a great way to start learning about Space!

2 New! Stephen Joseph Girl Zoo Quilted Toddler Backpack Most little children love the zoo!  Is your little girl one of them?  If she is, she will love carrying this backpack!  It was designed with her in mind!  The body of the bag is made from adorable bright pink quilted material.  The Zebra and the Giraffe that are appliqued on the body of the bag are peaking from behind green leaves and beautiful flowers.  They just make you smile!  Does she like monkeys?  Wait till she sees how cute the monkey on the flap is!  She will love everything about this backpack!

3 New! Bird Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpack – It may be Winter now, but Spring is coming! Get her excited about Spring with this new backpack!  From the sun on the flap to the birds singing in the tree, this backpack warms our hearts!  She will love this Nature backpack!  

4 New! Boy Farm Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpack – Old MacDonald had a farm E I E I O and on his farm he had a cow E I E i O! Yep, this backpack has a cow!  It also has a tractor! Mr Rooster thinks he has conquered the farm by sitting on top of the tractor! The horse on the flap makes this backpack complete! Your little guy will be singing about his new Farm backpack!  

We love all of the Stephen Joseph designs here at The Crazy Dazy.  Their products are perfect for kids!  The Quilted Toddler Backpacks are perfect for small children.  

6 Things to know about Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks:

1-Each backpack measures approximately 12″ x 13.5″.  A great size for small children to handle and yet large enough to make a great diaper bag!

2-The backpacks are fully lined.

3- Color coordinated drawstrings make cinching the backpack easy!

4– The magnetic snap closure on each backpack helps kids to be able to close the bag all on their own.

5-Each backpack is machine washableGreat thing for parents! They should be washed in cold water and hung to dry. A backpack that is easy to care for is as much a gift for the parents as it is for the child. 

6-There are fun coordinating zipper pulls on each backpack!  Check out the Barn Zipper Pull that comes on the Farm Backpack

Stephen Joseph Farm Quilted Backpack Zipper Pull

Farm Backpack Zipper Pull


At The Crazy Dazy, we love to Personalize the bags.  Here are just a few reasons to have their backpacks Personalized:

1 There will be no denying that the bag belongs to your child

2 It will help your child learn to spell and read their name

3 Personalized Backpacks help Nursery Workers know which bag belongs to your child

You can have anything that fits personalized on their backpacks.  Our most common personalization types are: Name, Traditional Monogram (first, last, middle), and Standard Monogram (first, middle, & last).  We offer a large variety of Fonts to choose from.  Some are great for boys and some are great for girls.  Many are great for either.

Choose your favorite new design today!

If you want your child to be one of the first to get their Stephen Joseph New Design Backpacks, you can order today at  Our current Personalization time is 2-4 business days not including shipping time.

The Crazy Dazy is celebrating our 10th Birthday!  Come check us out and maybe you will be one of our lucky customers who receive a present! Happy Birthday to The Crazy Dazy and Good Luck to You!

The Crazy Dazy celebrates 10 years!

Happy 10th Birthday

While you are checking out our website, be sure to let us know which New Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpack design is your favorite!


Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Hurry, it’s not too late to take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale!   Use discount code: TICKTOCK for 10% off of your total purchase at  You will find great gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.  Have your gifts Personalized!  *Current Personalization Time | 4-6 Business Days (not including shipping time).  Order now to make sure the gifts arrive in plenty of time for your Christmas celebrations.

Free Shipping! (Limited time only)

Free Shipping - limited time

Free Shipping – limited time

We think that sounds A-MAZ-ING!  So go ahead and fill up your cart and grab our limited time Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more!  That’s a steal!  You could cross Christmas shopping off your list!  Yippee!  Pass along to any friends that you love. Remember, it’s a limited time deal…

Personalized Bags

Personalized Bags

Get out your Christmas list and start shopping!  This is a great time to make shopping easy on yourself and fun for others!  Wouldn’t it be nice to take the STRESS out of Christmas shopping!  We want to help!  Relax on the sofa and enjoy shopping with us!  By shopping now, you won’t have to worry how much shipping will be, because it is FREE!  Shop at and treat yourself to one stop stress-free shopping.  Give unique personalized gifts to everyone!

Hats On! (Protecting your toddler from the sun)


Fish Bucket Hat

Fish Bucket Hat


Alligator Bucket Hat

Alligator Bucket Hat

Are you enjoying the hot summer days?  Spending them at the swimming pool or the beach certainly makes them more enjoyable!  I just got back from the beach and I wish I could spend my entire summer there!  I enjoy watching all of the little kids playing in the sand and letting the waves splash on them.

There are so many neat beach and pool accessories for kids.  They have so much fun playing around the water, so it’s easy to stay out all day! Keeping them protected from the sun is most important.  You can protect them in a fun and fashionable way with Stephen Joseph Bucket Hats.  These Bucket Hats are adorable and come in many colors and designs.  They are available in:  Zoo, Owl, Sports, Ladybug, Flower, Fish, Octopus, Dinosaur, Mermaid, Crab, & Alligator.

Ladybug Bath Poncho

Ladybug Bath Poncho

If you are looking for a cute swimsuit cover-up, check out the Stephen Joseph Hooded Bath Ponchos.  They make great cover-ups!

Make these extra special by having them Personalized!

Enjoy having fun in the sun!

Do you want to see CUTE? (Stephen Joseph)

Get the newest designs!

Get the newest designs!

It is hard to believe that June is almost over!  July brings those hot summer days and back to school shopping!  Relax and enjoy your air conditioning while shopping for the perfect backpack and lunch box combo for your kids online at

I have worked at The Crazy Dazy for several years now and one of the most exciting times is when the new Stephen Joseph products arrive.  It is so much fun to see all of the new designs!

You can beat the RUSH and order your kids backpacks and lunch boxes now.  Having them Personalized will make them extra special for your child!  Kids love having their name personalized on things.  Imagine the smile on their face the first day of school when all of their friends tell them how awesome their backpack and lunch box is!  Most of the Stephen Joseph designs offer matching water bottles too!

Order now and take the pressure off of yourself for later!

Hydrate and enjoy Summer

Girl Monkey Water Bottle

Girl Monkey Water Bottle

The hot days of summer have arrived.  It is so much fun to get outside and enjoy so many activities! Whether you are swimming in the pool or boating at the lake, playing baseball or badminton, it is important to stay hydrated!

Today at the park, I watched a mom try to get her kids to drink water from a pop can.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it didn’t look very appealing to me or to the kids.  It made me think about how important presentation is to kids.  If you can make eating their vegetables fun, like turning broccoli into trees, the battle is half over.  The same goes for water.

Stephen Joseph Monkey Water Bottle

Stephen Joseph Monkey Water Bottle

It is easy to get kids to drink sweet drinks, but sometimes it isn’t so easy to get them to drink water.  Make that battle a little easier by getting them their very own special Water BottleStephen Joseph has Water Bottles in many great kid designs! Designs for girls and designs for boys!  Pick a design that they will love and getting them to drink water will be much easier!  Get more than one Water Bottle so they will have them available everywhere! Check out all of the Stephen Joseph Water Bottles at

Isn’t it great?

Jute Bags for Women

Jute Bags for Women

When you head to the pool or beach, isn’t it great to have a fun bag to throw all of your stuff in?  If you are a teacher, isn’t it great to have a bag to put all of your papers and teaching stuff in?  If you are a mom, isn’t it great to have a bag you can throw your kids toys in?  If you love the outdoors, isn’t it great to have a bag to take all of your picnic items in?  What if you are a working woman and want to go to a BBQ right after work?  Isn’t it great to have a bag to bring a change of clothes in?  Whatever it is you do, it sure is great to have a BIG BAG that you can tote your stuff in!

Two’s Company Jute Totes are perfect for any occasion!  They are large enough to carry most anything you will want to tote!  These bags are available in a variety of colors and may be Personalized!  These bags will make great Mother’s Day gifts!  You can personalize them with “Grandma”, “Best Mimi”, “My Stuff”, “Mom”, with her Initials, or with any special Name.  Whatever you decide to use for personalization, she will love having a bag meant especially for her!

Check these bags and others out at

Royal Jute Tote Bag

Royal Jute Tote Bag


Spring has Sprung and Easter is on It’s Way!

Unique Easter Gifts

Unique Easter Gifts

I am so excited that Spring is finally here!  Seeing the daffodils spring from the ground and show off their bright yellow color makes me anxious for the warm air to follow! It is fun to decorate the house for Easter and start planning the stuff I want to put in the boys Easter Baskets.

It is always a challenge to find fun unique stuff to fill their Baskets.  This year, The Crazy Dazy has made that easy!  Enjoy Easter shopping without fighting the crowd as you browse the links below:

You won’t find a plain Tooth Fairy Pillow here! (Maison Chic)

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Loosing a tooth is exciting for kids!  Sometimes they fall out while wiggling and sometimes they have to be pulled!  However they come out, kids are excited to loose a tooth and even more excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brings!

As a child I always put my tooth under my pillow.  You can imagine the challenge that proposed for the Tooth Fairy!  The Tooth Fairy doesn’t want to be seen, so trying to find my tooth under the pillow I was sleeping on sure posed a problem for the tooth fairy.

When our boys lost a tooth, we had a special dish on their dresser they placed it in so that the Tooth Fairy could always find it.  Easy for the Tooth Fairy, but boring, I know!

There are so many fun things out now for kids! Having a special Tooth Fairy pillow that is also a special stuffed animal is a great way to make loosing a tooth extra exciting!  Check out the adorable Tooth Fairy pillows from Maison Chic at!  These cute pillows come in many favorite shapes & designs and have a special pocket just for the tooth.  That pocket makes a perfect place for the Tooth Fairy to leave her reward!  From one Tooth Fairy to another, what a great idea!

If you have a special way of pulling your child’s tooth, please share it with us!

Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillow
Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillow
Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillow
Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillow

Unique Gifts for under $10.00 (Great for Easter, Birthday Parties, and Just Because You’re You)

Gifts under $10
Gifts under $10

I love to give gifts!  I especially like to take advantage of special opportunities to surprise someone with a special gift.  My favorite gifts to give are the “just because you’re you” gifts.

It’s great to find those “just because you’re you” gifts for under $10! That lets me give them more often.  It is especially great to find just the right gift for the recipient!

Gifts under $10
Gifts under $10

The Crazy Dazy has many Stephen Joseph unique gift items for under $10.  Check out these ideas for your Easter, Birthday Parties, and Just Because You’re You gifts. Stephen Joseph Water Bottles for $9.99, Stephen Joseph Puzzles for $9.99, Stephen Joseph Bath Mitts for $9.99 Stephen Joseph Wallets for $8.99, Stephen Joseph Mini Coin Purses for $8.99, Stephen Joseph Pencil Pouches for $6.99, Stephen Joseph Reusable Water Pouches for $3.99, Stephen Joseph Zipper Pulls for $2.99, Stephen Joseph Jumbo Paper Clips for $2.50, Stephen Joseph Doodle Dudes from $1.00-$1.99, and Stephen Joseph Penny Pinchers for $1.50,

If you are in need of a unique gift, check out Stephen Joseph at

Gifts under $10
Gifts under $10
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